Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Happy 2011!!!

            At the start of every year, we reflect upon and analyze the past, acknowledge what we want to be different, and then make the proper resolutions with the optimistic notion that we will accomplish those goals. We dream up our resolutions with the hopes of improving ourselves, and our lives so that we may face the forthcoming year with renewed strength and perspective.

Fast forward 2 weeks and we give up. (Hey, no judgment, I do the same thing every year).

So what makes this year different…well…I’m 26, and I have realized that living life on auto-pilot is no fun (duh). Time is going by so quickly that before I know it, I will be facing another New Year, another year older, yet having made no real progress. I figure that I should take the opportunity to enjoy my twenties while I have the chance…no matter how busy my life can get!

Wish me luck!!!

Do you have any goals?

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