Sunday, January 23, 2011

Melrose Night/Red-Velvet Pancake Heaven

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On January 6th launched the first ever Melrose Night; on the first Thursday of every month, participating stores on Melrose Ave stay open late for a recession-friendly event offering discounts on purchases, and tons of scrumptious food from a variety of yummy food trucks. Retailers such as Joyrich, American Apparel, Urban Outfitters, and Barracuda were part of the night’s festivities as was the Dim Sum truck, Cool Haus, Fry Smith, and The Buttermilk Truck.

To be honest I briefly looked around a few stores. I went to Melrose Night for one reason and one reason only…The Buttermilk Truck. I have been chasing this truck for over a year, just so I can try this…

Yes…Red Velvet Chocolate Chip Pancakes. I have frequented their website, followed their twitter religiously, and attempted to alter my weeknight/weekend schedule just so I can be near one of their planned stops. Evidently, that did not work…until now.


I loved it. The pancakes were amazingly warm and fluffy. The gooey chocolate chips complimented the red velvet flavor completely; for four silver-dollar sized pancakes, they were very filling. The ONLY set-back was the cream cheese topping. It was ok, but I felt it just wasn't sweet enough. The taste of the cream cheese overpowered the pancakes, especially since it melted over them at a steady rate…

But over-all very yummy… It’s a truck worth trying…if you can find it.

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