Thursday, November 18, 2010


I honestly thought I’d never see the day… but last week Coffee Bean was having a promotion to introduce their new holiday beverages, and behold, one of their new drinks is Red velvet Hot Chocolate.
I was beyond excited and intrigued…how has anyone not thought of this before?!!! I rushed over to my local Coffee Bean so I could have a taste.

                                                      (image provided by


It’s good…but EXTREMELY SWEET! You can barely taste the hot cocoa with all that red velvet sugariness. If you are the type of person who enjoys anything and everything sweet, then you will be a fan; if you’re not, then this will not agree with your tummy.

I enjoyed it, but I think it’s more of an occasional holiday treat than an everyday order at The Bean.

I.N.G’s 1st Blog w/ a BHFF Kickoff

For a first post, this is very late…but hey, better late than never, right?

I recently went to the Beverly Hills Fashion Festival, a day-long event that included fashion shows, pop-up shops, and delicious food trucks which provided food that you could taunt the models with (just kidding). It was a solid effort in reviving fashion week in Los Angeles; especially after L.A fashion week was abruptly cancelled last month.

Elie Tahari, William Rast, H. Lorenzo, and Teresa Rosati all participated with their own shows throughout the day. I only went to the William Rast show and I have to say I fell in love with their Fall/Winter 2010-2011 collection. Originally expecting nothing but denim, I was pleasantly surprised by the dance intro which was then followed by the fashion show where I saw Native American inspired coats and vests, cargos, army jackets, and leather - lots of leather.

As for the pop-up shops, the only thing that caught my attention was this display…

The jewelry designer’s name is Leslie Fastlicht Russo and she mentioned that the necklaces include leaves that were dipped in gold. Unfortunately, that is all I know about Russo. I tried to do extensive research on her designs, yet found very little. Shame…I loved her jewelry.