Thursday, November 18, 2010


I honestly thought I’d never see the day… but last week Coffee Bean was having a promotion to introduce their new holiday beverages, and behold, one of their new drinks is Red velvet Hot Chocolate.
I was beyond excited and intrigued…how has anyone not thought of this before?!!! I rushed over to my local Coffee Bean so I could have a taste.

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It’s good…but EXTREMELY SWEET! You can barely taste the hot cocoa with all that red velvet sugariness. If you are the type of person who enjoys anything and everything sweet, then you will be a fan; if you’re not, then this will not agree with your tummy.

I enjoyed it, but I think it’s more of an occasional holiday treat than an everyday order at The Bean.

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  1. Being a connoisseur of all things sweet, this might be an everyday order for me! ;)
    JK...I would never do that to my winter dream!

    Great BLOG! Congrats! I will be a faithful reader! :)